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Since 2016, Hawk & Cleaver have brought you the best in audio fiction, horror-y banter and creative interviews with the best in the biz. Whether you’re a horror fan or looking to develop your craft, you can listen, write for, and get involved across all our our podcasts.

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The Story Studio: Episodes 1-50 available HERE. On hiatus.

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The other stories

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller fiction

A modern take on The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, and The Outer Limits. The Other Stories tells fresh, unique stories every Monday, with new themes every month.

Or search ‘The Other Stories’ on your favourite podcast app. You can also submit your stories to the podcast HERE, or audition to become a narrator HERE.



Two bearded film fans watch the best 50 horror movies... ever!!!... and talk about them.

Tune in as they touch on all sorts of exciting topics, such as storytelling, craft, directing style, shit-your-pants-moments, trivia, as well as grading each movie from A to F.

Or search ‘Horror Hangout’ on your favourite podcast app.



It’s no secret that writing can be lonely work. But, does it really have to be?

Whether you’re full-time, part-time, or just starting out, you’ll get insights into the tricks, tips and production habits of writers from every level of the biz. From bestselling authors, to those launching their first novels, you’re sure to be in the company of friends as we encourage great writers to divulge and share their secrets.



Sit back, and witness our Miscreation.

Miscreation brings scary new tales, performed by a talented band of actors, straight from Acast's studio to your earballs. Dark fiction delivered as seasonal audio dramas straight into your earballs.


the story studio

Exploring the world of self-publishing, independent art, and the future of storytelling.

A show for filmmakers, writers, comic book makers, crowdfunders, authorpreneurs, creators, and anyone looking to tell stories in the modern world.