The result of this course wasn’t just a short story I’m proud of, but it has given me the confidence to move forward with other horror projects that I’ve kept putting on the back burner until I was “ready”.
— Sue Henley



January 20th - 27th (approx 30-minutes per day required)

Get to know your dark side

A 7-day mini-course for those looking to dip their toes into the wonderful world of writing scary stories.

WHAT's included?

  • A 7-Day challenge to take you through the whole process of writing a short horror story -- from coming up with the idea, writing the prose, editing, and getting it ready for publication or submission to the horror marketplace.

  • Daily videos with tutorials & tips along with a downloadable worksheet.

  • Access to the Hawk & Cleaver Inner Circle — a private Facebook group with access to all of our writers ready to answer questions or bounce ideas with.

  • A critique and edit of your short story from two professional horror writers with suggestions for next steps.

  • An end-of-challenge celebratory drink via Skype or Google Hangouts.


  • The horror fan looking to dip their toes into the wonderful world of writing scary stories.

  • The writer looking for a kick up the arse to sit down and write something from beginning to end whilst picking up a few new tips and tricks along the way.

  • The writer looking for like-minded creatives to read their work, give feedback, and to offer a little moral support.

  • The burgeoning novelist who wants to try something a little shorter before jumping in at the deep end.


Luke Kondor , award-winning writer, filmmaker, and podcaster

Luke Kondor, award-winning writer, filmmaker, and podcaster

Daniel Willcocks , international best-selling, horror writer and podcaster.

Daniel Willcocks, international best-selling, horror writer and podcaster.

You'll have access to a whole host of working writers but this challenge itself will be lead by award-winning writer, filmmaker, and podcaster, Luke Kondor, and international best-selling horror writer, Daniel Willcocks.

Together, they’ll be taking you through the lessons they’ve learned from a combined decade of writing and publishing short stories, the 7-day challenges Luke used to make his award-winning film, Keith, and the techniques used to launch and producing the chart-topping horror fiction podcast, The Other Stories.

Think of Luke & Dan as your camp counsellors here to offer guidance, support, and a helping hand through your journey.

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