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Ready for this year’s top Halloween reads?

We’ve wrangled up the biggest and baddest in horror and halloween fiction and collected them into one easy-to-view collection. Every one of the stories below has been handcrafted by some of the finest talent in independent horror fiction, and they’re now yours for the taking.

Light a candle, tuck yourself tightly in your bed, keep that garlic around your neck and prepare to have your flesh goosed, your spine shivered, and your heart stopped.

Happy Halloween, from all of us…

The Mark of the Damned by Daniel Willcocks

Bleeders: The Red Death by Brian Martinez

Stone Hill: Shadows Rising Dean Rasmussen

The Dark Sacrifice by Jay Bower

Take the Corvus by Luke Kondor

Never Say Die by Stevie Kopas

Mask of Silence by Alex C Gates

Dead Aware by Eleanor Merry

Watchers of the Black Rite by Nikki Noir

Blessed by Fire by P. W. Hillard

Night Tales by Wendy Cheairs

Cthulu’s Car Park by D. S. Ritter

Uriel’s Revenge by David Roome

Heroes Aren’t Born by Cody Voeller

The Haunting of Easton Place by Franklin Kendrick

A Heart in the Right Place Heide Goody and Iain Grant

O Negative by Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl

What’s for Dinner? by N. Gray

Infernal Justice by N. P. Martin

Deeper than the Grave by Matt Butcher

Netted by K. T. Rose

Villainous Minds An Anthology

Nightmare by Erik Henry Vick


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