The Hipster Who Leapt Through Time

Oh bloody hell … 

An ancient alien flood called The Signal is making its way through the cosmos, consuming all organic matter as it goes, and guess where it’s heading? 

… yep. 

Back on Earth, poor Nisha Bhatia is plagued by visions of dying children with indigo coloured eyes. As she uncovers their dark secrets she’s forced to defend them against an unstoppable alien freelancer called JoEl. She soon realises by saving them, she might just have doomed the planet. 

Oh boy … and if that’s not enough … 

Lightyears away on the moon of Othos, Moomamu is being held captive by a kingdom of talking cats. To get home, he must fight on the scrapping grounds, avoid a mauling, and learn to use his teleportation skills to avoid ending up like the other humans. 

As The Signal works its way towards Earth it’s up to a certain Thinker, with his band of cohorts, to travel back in time and save the future. 

Flippin ‘eck!