Ten Tales Of The Human Condition

Christopher Morgan, a sociopathic drug-addicted New York lawyer has an unfaithful wife, and worse still, she is conducting her affair with Christopher's best friend and work colleague. Fed up with his life and everybody within it, Christopher puts together a twisted scheme to punish those he thinks of as responsible for the downfall of his once perfect existence. He embarks on an exploration of the human condition, putting together the pieces of the human psyche and evaluating the reasons for his monumental vices. Between run-ins with prostitutes, the mob and a nymphomaniac psychiatrist, Christopher does everything in his power to exact the perfect vengeance. 


‘It's like drinking bullets in the back seat of a car driven by Chuck Palahniuk and Bret Easton Ellis as they take it in turns to punch you in the face and offer you philosophical insight’ - Luke Kondor.