Need some help writing short stories? Need a little hand in setting up and selling your first book? Or maybe you’re looking for guidance on formatting, finding a cover, even marketing your book?

We can help!

No bullshit.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be the next Stephen King, but we can sure as hell point you in the right direction.

We're looking to help writers who need that extra push, a helping hand, or maybe just a little guidance. We're offering a tailor-made coaching service to help give you that extra kick in the right direction.


  • 4x 30-minute Skype Calls covering a variety of subjects tailor-made for you.
  • Optional copyediting services.
  • Optional compiling and formatting services.


Hawk & Cleaver is a story studio bringing you the best new stories to watch, read, sniff, and absorb. What started as four indie authors simply wanting to tell good stories, has gone on to launch chart-topping fiction podcasts, run topnotch Kickstarter campaigns, and published numerous novels and short stories, sold all over the world!


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Daniel Willcocks:

Luke Kondor: Award-winning filmmaker, author, and podcast host.


We're currently running these services at a lower introductory offer and are limiting ourselves to 5 students. For the one-month standard package we’re currently asking for a solid £149.

Please note, the price will soon go up to £299.

This basic package will include:

  • An introductory Skype call to discuss where you're at, where you want to be, and how we can help you get there.
  • A weekly training session with both Dan & Luke.
  • Compiling and formatting for one project.

We also offer bespoke services such as copyediting, author website design, podcast production and launch services, mailing list-building, and a ton more. 

If you’re just after a quick one-off session, need something longer, or are looking to hire us for something specific, drop us a message and we’ll set something up.

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