Hawk & Cleaver was an idea coughed up by 4 independent publishers. We wanted to create the first GREAT internet based digital publishing brand. To be the modern equivalent of Marvel Comics. 

We want to make books, films, comics, games, WHATEVER! and distribute them all through the amazing marketplaces available on the web. 

100% Location Independent.

100% Original Stories.

50% Hawks, 45% Cleavers, and 100% Awesome.

That's 345%! 

...do the math.


Everywhere. Nowhere. Hell. The Nth Dimension. The Twilight Loft. The Haunted House Round T'McDonalds. 

Hawk & Cleaver is a 100% Location Independent business. We run this beast from wherever we can get a good WiFi signal.




The editor-in-chief. The big boss bird. The muse who will literally claw your eyes out if you don't hit your deadlines. 

A rare breed. Part hawk and part Scottish butcher. Definitely not a kestrel. The last person who said that lost a finger because 'ah Kez dornt tak' nae shet'.




Luke Kondor

Luke Kondor is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. He's written some things about some stuff and has plans to move into writing other things about other stuff. He has a bright future ahead of him ... writing words on pages. 

He's been featured on iO9, Digg, Raindance, Londonist, and in C41 Magazine.

When he isn't doing that nonsense, he podcasts, blogs, tweets, and googles.



Ben Errington

Ben Errington is a writer from Bristol, UK. He has been writing for many years and it was all a bit naff before he started to put his heart and soul into it, so now it's (slightly) better. He is also a father, graphic designer and vocalist in metal band Koshiro.



Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher lives in South Yorkshire.

He enjoys reading (and writing) Science Fiction, Horror and Graphic Novels.

Matt is currently working on a collection of short stories, the final part of 'The Jump' series, and a new novel.



Daniel Willcocks

Daniel Willcocks is a Lincoln, UK-based writer, proofreader, and copy-editor. He lives with his fiancé and baby son, and enjoys writing horror/fantasy, playing guitar, and promoting local talent within the community.

After enjoying recent success with his latest novella ‘Sins of Smoke’ which reached the #1 spot on Amazon Kindle’s short horror story category over Halloween, Dan  is working on a collection of short stories, as well as setting plans in place for a novel in 2016.